About Us

Who we are

Tejaswi... the name spells magic in school education! The school, in essence, is endowed with the four visionary personalities with its inception in 1993. Having their base stalwartly deep-rooted in the dignity of labour with the outstanding capabilities of their academics; their evergreen sacrifice in caring for children and their education by befriending with, encouraging and supporting attitude and their coordination with their first-hand evidence of work experience in leading an educational institution in a challenging location employing hardworking teachers with adequate professional maturity bestowed.

Tejaswi the most preferred chosen schooling experience aptly recognized by its fruit of promising academic service ever since its origin has turned out to claim the top position in Telangana. Extending their paramount importance to human relationships, these Heads of Tejaswi empower their staff, pupils and parents with great empathy with the pro-active gentle approach.

They are honestly committed to providing academic guidelines; respect the wishes of pupils and parents; prefer to indicate rather than dictate orders; monitor from micro to macro instruction; consult pupils and conduct constructive changes; instruct and accept new ideas; motivate to learn and teach hard and lead Tejaswians to the right direction appropriately Shaping Lives. Their great vision is their ability to formulate their content base with the help of the School Academic Advisory Board and shape the future of Tejaswians with great determination, will-power, interpersonal skills and patience in abundance. Today they lead the school. Tomorrow their students will lead the world! As a result, Tejaswi has now emerged as the Leader in School Education in Telangana State.

Our Vision & Mission

The aim of our school is to impart integrated and comprehensive education which is formative and not merely informative. It lays emphasis on the full development of the student’s character and personality which should normally lead them to self –fulfillment and dedicate themselves to the service of the society. Students are placed in an atmosphere that enables them to develop reverence for all prophets, seers and sages, all heroes of humanity, all races and religions. The school environment teaches them to understand the love of God and the essential unity of life. Our school is a non-communal, non-sectarian institution which places emphasis on the permanent values of life as enunciated by ancient and modern thinkers.

Why you need to Choose Us

The school believes that life must have a spiritual orientation and promotes the practice of prayer,meditation and above all, living for others;the others are not apart from us,we all are a part of the One Whole.we enable the students to imbibe the four C’s of education;Culture, Compassion, Character and Courage;to inculcate in them love for their country,to impart value based education, to revere all life,animate and inanimate, in keeping with the skills and culture.