"Education is the one's best friend.An educated person is respected every where.
Education beats beauty and youth"

The above words of Chanakaya made me think over it in a broad sense.Hailing from a landlord's family with all comforts, made me restless as an education youth. My interest towards education,made me take the noble profession of a teacher.

I enjoyed imparting knowledge among youngsters.But when applying novel ideas in the classroom became a restriction for me, it made me think a broadsense of starting a school of my own vision.So with my strong ambition and a desire to give the next generation a satisfied life full of values emotions knowledge and developing their capabilities of wisdom for their future.

My journey began with a school with moral ideologies, valued education, with all comforts was my dream which turned out to be a passion now. A passion which was recreated and rejuvenated with a team of efficient staff and well wishers that made me to stand at par. It gives immense pleasure to see that the five efficient branches of my school running across the Warangal District have been successfully able to install my ideologies in our students.

"The satisfaction comes to me when students around the world connect with me and convey their gratitude for being a part of our
Tejaswi Group of Schools"